Giving Program


We give 10% of Kálos' sales to non-profits supporting girls education around the world.

When we say “sales,” we’re talking about what accountants call “net revenue.” That means 10% of every purchase of Kálos product goes to some remarkable organizations.

There is no cap to the amount we donate.

Research consistently shows that educating girls and enabling their participation in the workforce substantially increases a country’s GDP, or economic output. An extra year of primary school for girls means they can earn 10 to 20 percent more, on average.

There is a positive connection between educating girls and lowering maternal mortality rates, delaying childbirth and family size, and improving hygiene to slow the spread of disease.


When you support girls’ education, you give her the chance to:

  • Secure A Better Job
  • Earn Higher Wages
  • Live Healthier
  • Delay Marriage & Childbirth
  • Resist Domestic Violence
  • Break the Cycle of Poverty

Girls who are educated are, in the long run, likely to marry later, bear fewer children, educate their own children, and be less vulnerable to sexual abuse.

We can transform a girl’s life if we help her be the first to reach her high school graduation, changing the trajectory of her entire life. We hope to help turn these harrowing statistics into future success stories.*


*Resource: She’s The First


Giving Program