Consciously created products

What does consciously created mean? We pride ourselves on clean ingredients, effective formulations and responsible pricing. Our goal is to make better beauty accessible for all, creating products you’ll reach for everyday.

Simple + effective formulations

We control every step of the development process. We’re not reinventing the wheel with gimmicky marketing or trendy ingredients, but creating safe, effective products that you can trust.

Nadia Babar Founder Story Kálos

Nadia’s Founding Story

As a first-generation American, I grew up between two identities.

I witnessed the plight of those without access to education. The issues facing young women particularly moved me to question my own destiny and always pulled me towards evoking change.

My business career led me to try hundreds of products. I was living my dream, working with the world's most coveted brands, yet felt completely unfulfilled. I discovered that beyond luxe packaging and glossy labels, most beauty products were full of harsh chemicals and diluted ingredients.

I owed more to the world. And so, Kálos was born.

A beauty brand with a mission to create a more equitable world. One with clean ingredients, effective formulations and responsible pricing. The word kalos comes from a Greek philosophy meaning the perfect balance of what is beautiful and what is good. When you reach for Kálos on your shelf, I hope you feel just that.

Nadia Babar, Founder