As Kálos grows, I want the ethos of the brand to remain the same. To help women feel beautiful by reason of heart.

— Founder, Nadia Babar


About Us

I'm Nadia, the founder of Kálos.

Kálos represents a compilation of my life experiences. I’m a first generation American and spent an integral part of my life, my teenage years, in Pakistan where I witnessed some harsh realities while living in an underdeveloped country. The issues facing young women particularly moved me to question how I could drive change one day. 

After graduate school, my marketing career exposed me to hundreds of brands. I discovered that beyond the luxe packaging and glossy labels, most beauty products were full of harsh chemicals and parabens. I took off my rose-colored glasses and saw an industry full of gimmicky marketing and unsubstantiated claims. 

A brand with authenticity was missing. So, I created the opportunity for myself. Kálos began as a solitary endeavor in response to wavering sincerity in consumer brands.

I believe that skincare should be uncomplicated—yet still effective. Kálos products are consciously created - all are free of sulphates, harmful parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrance and are, of course, cruelty free. Kálos' development team has over twenty years of experience in the naturals space.

I also believe that business should be a catalyst for change, and that every human being should have access to an education. Education was the ticket for my parents to succeed and the only reason I'm here today. 

In the developing world, only one in every five girls finishes primary school. Worldwide, only 37% of countries have as many girls in secondary schools as boys. To help address this problem, Kálos partners with non-profit groups to ensure every bottle helps to educate, empower and liberate girls around the world.

Together, we can change the trajectory of a girl’s life if we help her reach her potential through education. Kálos is a beauty brand with a mission to create a more equitable world.