Beautiful People: Geneva Boyett

Our blog series, Beautiful People, features women who inspire us with both their outer and inner glow. Meet Geneva Boyett, a photographer from Chicago who captures slow + intentional moments beautifully. 

Here's how she lives consciously.

Geneva Boyett

What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty is complete acceptance and love for who you are as you are.

What motivates and inspires you?

My grandparents and older people in general inspire me. I'm fascinated by their wisdom, their lives and stories. I think they can offer so much more perspective on what really matters in life when compared to the short-sighted vision you posses when you're young. 

What does living consciously mean to you?

Living consciously means being aware of how your choices affect others around you. When we shop, what does our purchase support? When we throw something away, where does our trash go and how does that inevitably affect our planet? Living consciously isn't about perfection and jumping on the bandwagon of green-washed habits because it's the current trend, it's about truly understanding the bigger picture of how we as consumers fit into the grand scheme of things and trying our best to honor and respect the land, people, and resources that produce what we consume.

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