our story


Kálos was founded with keen spirit and a strong mission: create natural and organic skincare, and remain committed to social consciousness.

We created Kálos after a realization: the mainstream beauty industry focuses only on how we look and doesn’t take into account how we feel. When shopping for beauty products, we felt confused and annoyed by the gimmicky marketing and outlandish, unsubstantiated claims.

Why was it so hard to find products that didn’t leave us with our intelligence insulted and our skin damaged? We began to ask ourselves why we couldn’t help other women find     their outer and inner glow?

As Kalos grows, I want the ethos of the brand to remain the same. To help women feel beautiful by reason of heart.
— Founder, Nadia Babar

Natural and organic products are not just a passing trend; they are essential for healthy skin now and for the future. Our products are created carefully - all are free of sulphates, parabens, dyes, and other toxic chemicals.

We believe that skincare should be uncomplicated—yet still effective.

We also believe that businesses should do good, and that everyone has the right to an  education. Kálos partners with non-profit groups to ensure every bottle       helps to educate, empower and liberate girls around the world.

That is how we see beauty—a way to live consciously.